Realization of a BtoB marketing strategy

by ACTICIA Conseil

Our client specialized in the outsourcing of services wants a redesign of its website in order to deeply modify its brand image.


With few dedicated resources specialized in digital marketing, our client entrusted us with the redesign of its image and communication tools.


Nous avons réalisé un audit de ses services et compétences, une étude de son marché et un benchmark de sa concurrence. Ce qui nous a permis de redéfinir ses différentes offres, de mettre en œuvre une refonte de son logo, de sa charte graphique, une nouvelle identité visuelle plus en adéquation avec la société.

This work was followed by an overhaul of the website from A to Z by proposing a new tree structure, drawing up precise specifications and presenting agency quotes until the new website was delivered.


In 4 months, we delivered a new, more modern, customer-oriented website; we upgraded its service offering and image by redesigning its graphic charter; and proposed a communication plan adapted in terms of content strategy and lead generation.

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