Acticia Conseil, a direct marketing consulting agency specialising in the distance selling sector, has just announced the acquisition of Vivetic, an outsourced customer relations and business process outsourcing platform. Acticia Conseil, which is a holding of the investment fund Dzeta Conseil (Paris), is specialized in the production of printed products, the processing of marketing data and the management of outsourcing processes. Vivetic, founded in 1996, employs more than 1,700 people and has 4 production sites. The management of Vivetic is taken over by Noëlle Costa, president of Acticia Conseil.

With this rapprochement, the two actors have the following objectives:

  • to provide complete expertise in process outsourcing and industrialisation (BPO) but also in direct marketing (CRM, data marketing, scoring);
  • to accelerate their establishment in new locations to meet the expectations of their customers;
  • to offer multilingual services to international clients;
  • strengthen Vivetic's financial strength and investment capacity.

This acquisition follows a visit of Acticia Conseil's managers to Madagascar, as part of a call for tenders for the multi-channel after-sales service management of one of its clients. Informed, after a few months of cooperation with Vivetic teams, of the wish of the founder, Anne Laratte, to sell her company, Acticia Conseil positioned itself for the acquisition in the face of several competing offers.