By analysing their behaviour to offer them the best deal.


Whether we call it scoring or data modeling, your data is an under-exploited gold mine.

To improve the customer experience, deepening customer knowledge through data is a real key success factor. Today you know how to analyze your customer groups that generate a type of response, but can you predict your results on customers that you have not yet solicited? Do you know how to predict an expected result on a given target? Are you sure you are addressing the right offer to each customer?

Whether you're writing to a customer base, calling them or making an offer following an incoming call, ActiScore modeling can greatly improve the performance of your campaigns!

Definition of Scoring

Scoring is a powerful tool that uses a scoring system to predict whether your customer is likely to buy your product, be loyal or be retained.

The advantage of scoring is to reduce the costs of a marketing campaign while increasing its return on investment. Files are filtered to select the customers most likely to respond to your offer, while excluding those with no or very low probability of responding. The loyalty factor is to be taken into account so that the interesting customer buys again.

Scoring: Analyzing your results

The analysis of the different criteria and feedback on your scoring campaigns allows you to determine whether a customer who has just placed an order will renew his purchase or whether it is an isolated act. Working on the life cycle of a customer in relation to the company aims to make it possible to measure at what point in the cycle the customer is in relation to your product. Two axes emerge after this analysis: if he is loyal, push him to buy more, or, if his leakage rate is high, convince him to stay.

Scoring best practices

Build your Scoring model according to your company's needs. (Common, RFM (Recency, Frequency, Amount), appetence...). Each company has its own needs. The more you work on your model, the more reliable your analyses will be and the more profitable your campaigns will be.

The use of your customer data is strictly controlled. Please leave a right of inspection and correction of the data to the persons concerned. In addition, you can obtain information on the regulations from the CNIL and declare your files and their updating.



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